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Dim 7 Fév - 0:18

And he told himself he fucked up again.

He was surely at his lowest, if he had to admit that. He, the cheater, the liar, the one who always claimed he was superior to everybody else. The one who laughed at others' misery, at their demise and every single of their mistakes, the one who would always step on their shivering bodies. The king of crows. But here he was, fists clenched and golden eyes furiously staring at the door in front of him. Powerless to change anything. He thought that maybe, just maybe, he'd be able to coerce her into changing her mind. After all, their fights weren't especially rare, and he was used - and skilled - at lying his way through to make others bend and break. To make them go his way. All he had to do was spun his web and entangle her in his threads - and that's all there was to it. But he...he couldn't do that. Because she was different. She made him feel things no one ever made him feel before, it was different than anything he had ever experienced. May, his little May. That angel with scarlet eyes. He loved her, oh god, how he loved her. And people, they would laugh at him when they knew that Elias, that creep, was in love with the sweetest of girls. One single being right from the darkest abyss paired with an overly saccharine little bird. But he didn't care. His love was a devouring one. He didn't care, and he wouldn't share her with anybody. This was why he viewed that guy - Sunday - with so much suspicion. He didn't like seeing her getting so close to him.

And this was exactly what led them to quarrel that night. In the house they settled in, in the west district of Babylon, he had been waiting for her after a day of trying to scare children off, sometimes succeeding, sometimes being yelled at. So far, no alteraction happened ever since he had discovered that world. Some people, of course, were considering him a nuisance - oh but, how he liked that. That was winning for him. Grinning as he thought about it, lying down on one of the beds of the house, he spent a moment looking at the clock next to him. 8PM, and still no signs of the young lady. He waited, longer, and longer. Until three hours later, she showed up. While this wasn't unusual, he was frustrated - they had promised to meet up here early in the night. True, he was a liar. But not keeping his promises to her was something he despised. He stood up, and rushed towards the living room, and she greeted him with the brightest of smiles. But he wasn't satisfied. The fragile glass sphere that was holding his anger back slowly started to crackle, one crack after the other. He asked her where she was, what she was doing. And then-- he heard his name. Sunday.

And this was enough for him.

He exploded. The glass sphere blew up to pieces, and he yelled, filling the ambient air with echoes of his feelings. You shouldn't be with him, you shouldn't be with that piece of shit, he doesn't deserve you, he's not like me, he's not me. But the truth is, Elias, you're just scared of losing her, of seeing her go away, right? And as he was screaming, suddenly, in the middle of one of his sentences, she replied. She talked back. And yelled, too. For minutes, all that could be heard were the repeating howls of two idiots in love, until-- finally, May started crying. She rushed in one of the bedrooms, and closed the door behind her, locking it. And that's what led him to stand in front of this very same door, a frown displayed on his features. He had been on the verge of knocking to ask her what she was doing a number of times before this instant. But every time, he felt like this was demeaning himself. Things weren't going to be solved by snapping his fingers, though. Actually, he was a bit lost. He didn't know how to proceed. Didn't know the words to use to magically fix everything. And, after a while, despite everything he was telling himself, he ended up knocking at the door, speaking up.

« May. »

He stopped talking, as silence fell upon his shoulders. This was stupid. He? Intimidated? How could he stoop so low as to feel bad about this. But maybe it wasn't that stupid after all. He didn't want to lose her because of an idiotic mistake like this. His head was a mess - and maybe, maybe this time, letting his instinct talk in his place was wiser. But he certainly wasn't going to apologize.

« May, listen to me. »

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Mar 15 Mar - 0:00

Now there’s gravel in our voices
Glass is shattered from the fight

She knew how to have him wait for her. She knew oh too well, actually. She kept running ahead, having him either following her blindly or stay put and wait for her to return. She knew how to build up rage inside of him. Maybe she was doing it consciously; maybe she was just being negligent. She was selfish. May, the little May. All in white, with her frilly dresses and her very cute smile. They wouldn't aknowledge her crave for darkness. She was light. She was too good for him, he would taint her. They did not see that she was the one dragging him down.

Like that night. She was supposed to meet him at his home in Babylon — home that immediately became hers, too, as everything he ever owned. And she did. But she played hard to get. She didn't watch the time; but part of her knew how late it was already. She was having so much fun, though. When she finally pushed the door of his house, she greeted him joyfully. She had no worries, while his head was full of them.

And a few moments later, the arguing started. He was being annoying. And she provoked him even more for that. But deep down, she was thrilled. She felt so alive during their fights. And how strong must have been their love for them to bear such violent feelings for one another. They were foolish.

It wasn't as though she wasn't involved in the fight, though. It drove her mad, just like him. He was yelling and hurling reasons at her, and she yelled back and whimpered excuses. Until she finally broke in tears and ran. She fled into the nearest bedroom and slammed the door and locked it good, taking her tears away with her. His angry howls kept going for a few moments, then stopped. And a heavy silence fell down on the house. It was suffocating, or maybe that was just because of the sobs clogging her throat.

The tears eventually stopped, leaving only salty marks on her cheeks. She started strolling about the room, looking for something to do. For she wasn't one to feel empty after such a scene. She fed on those.

A knock on the door finally broke the silence. And then, his voice. Calling out her name. It was a bit hoarse, and she liked that. She didn't answer, hoping to hear it again.

« May, listen to me. »

Oh, she was listening. It would be a waste for him to give up too quickly, though, so she gave him some sort of reaction.

« What do you want now? »

She sounded hurt. She wasn't ready to forgive him just yet. Part of her wanted nothing more than to embrace him — but she wouldn't move until she heard pleas in his cracking voice.



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